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Why Thailand is the Beach Capital of the World

thailand beach landIf you’ve never been lucky enough to visit the beautiful tropical paradise of Thailand, it might surprise you to learn that many consider it to be the world’s beach capital. Surely, this title would go to Hawaii, Tahiti or the Maldives? No, because as anyone who has been lucky enough to visit Thailand will tell you, there is really nothing quite like the Thai beaches.

But just what is it that makes Thailand the Beach Capital of the World? Well, in our opinion it’s all of the following, and so much more:

There Are So Many Beaches

Even considering the size of Thailand – it’s over 500,000 square kilometers – it still amazes visitors just how many beaches can be found in this South East Asian country. It seems that every single time you happen across the coastline, there is a beach at your feet just waiting to be explored and enjoyed.

Every year hundreds of thousands of people dip their feet into Thailand’s sands, dive into tropical turquoise waters, and wish their holiday might never end. But it comforts them that when they do come back, there will be those same beaches, overwhelming in number and beauty.

They Are Cheap To Visit

For anyone who has ever taken a holiday to the coast, we don’t need to tell you just how expensive it is to experience that dreamy coastal lifestyle. Whether it’s resorts or rentals, the cost of spending time at the coast in most places can be incredibly high.

Luckily, Thailand is not most places.

One of the reasons that Thailand is so well known for its many beaches is because they aren’t just beautiful, they’re also very cheap to visit and holiday at. While Mediterranean destinations, and tropical paradises like Fiji will dent your wallet, Thailand remains wonderfully affordable. The food is cheap, the accommodation is cheaper, and unbelievably, the quality is absolutely top notch.

There are Island and Mainland Beaches

The variety of Thailand’s beaches continues to impress even seasoned veterans of the country. Why? It comes down to the fact that Thailand is more than just a landmass, it’s a veritable treasure chest of islands and atolls the world has rarely seen. As well as providing ample fodder for the daydreams of worldly travelers, these islands also provide some even more outstanding beaches.

The mix of mainland and island beaches allows two distinct experiences of Thailand’s unique atmosphere and environment. One which features the more established, and well-connected, lifestyle available on mainland beaches, and one that promotes ‘lost in paradise’ leanings akin to your very own “The Beach” adventure.

There Are So Many Activities To Do There

There aren’t too many places on the planet that offer beachside activities the way Thailand does. As if having a plethora of jaw-dropping beaches wasn’t enough to entertain, the Thai people provide one amazing activity after another to keep you going throughout those sunny tropical days.

Whether you’re planning on taking in the surfing on Phuket, enjoying a deep sea dive on Ko Tao or generally partaking in the kinds of watersports found on most established beaches, you’ll never complain of boredom. Indeed, speeding along in a jetski or experiencing parasailing you will get a chance to be involved in a variety of activities rarely seen in one place, especially not on a beach as stunning as the ones found in Thailand.

They Cater For Everyone

Perhaps one of the most persuasive reasons that Thailand holds the title of being the beach capital of the world is that it has been planned and developed in such a fashion that it really does cater for everyone. There is an impossible variety of accommodation options, eating options and safety options to suit people holidaying at all levels, and choosing to live in Thailand on all budgets.

On the streets of coastal Thai towns you will see this variety in the form of luxury villas just a few streets over from five-star hotels, which are themselves not more than a block or two away from home-stays and locally provided accommodation. In the same way it isn’t surprisingly to see fancy restaurants on the same streets as roadside eateries and cafes.
In the same way, Thailand’s beaches seem to cater for every need and desire of visitors. They are perfect for sunbathing, for diving, for snorkeling, for swimming or simply for sitting back in a lounge and watching the amazing world of Thailand wander by.

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