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7 Activities That Draw People To Thailand

Nangyuan IslandThailand is a diverse and interesting country, with a variety of landscapes and environments just waiting to be explored by visitors. With so many places to visit, and so many experiences to have, it isn’t surprising that a number of specific sports have cropped up different areas of Thailand. Now, as these sports have developed a strong following, they are another one of the many reasons that people enjoy coming to Thailand.

These are some of the activities people love to do in Thailand.

1. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is the ultimate thrill seeker’s activity. This is especially true of natural rock faces, which are the norm in Thailand. Perched high above the beautiful Thai landscape, hanging from one of the many famous limestone cliffs or mountains, you’ll see the country like never before. It might be a long hard climb to the top, but it is definitely worth it.

If it’s adventure on high you’re looking for, you won’t need to go much further than Chang Mai. This mountain town is the perfect place for you to explore via rope and carabineer, and offers a variety of climbing peaks and crags for you to challenge yourself with.

2. Diving

There is so much more to Thailand than meets the eye, above the water anyway. But grab a snorkel, mask and dive kit and you could be on your way to exploring some of the country’s hidden treasures: its reef.

Thanks to the gentle currents and temperate oceans around Thailand, it is home to some of South East Asia’s best reef. It is also lucky to have been involved in a number of conservation and environmental projects early in its development as a tourist destination, which have allowed the reef to stay in very good condition.

One of the most popular diving destinations in Thailand is Ko Tao, where every year hundreds of experienced and beginner divers come to see the amazing underwater world hiding below the waterline. There are opportunities to dive with everything from turtles to whale sharks, and more than enough jaw-dropping reef environments to keep everyone coming back for more.

3. Surfing

Thailand is definitely not a world-class surfing destination by anybody’s measure, yet there are a few spots that offer up some swell at various times in the year. Surprisingly surfing has become low-season attraction in Thailand, as this is when the bigger swells tend to come rolling through.

Phuket offers a variety of surfing spots for surfers of all experience levels from the relaxed Kamala to the more intense Surin. There are a good range of surf shops that offer board rental and even lessons for those wanting to start out. The west side of the island tends to offer the best breaks, but be sure to check with local shops who have the most recent info to help you catch your next wave.

It might not be Hawaii, but if you’re looking for a tropical island vibe along with some relaxed waves taking you home to a beautiful beach, then Thailand is the place.

4. Hiking

In many ways Thailand has been very smart about the use of their natural resources for development. Of course this isn’t true across the board, but even after decades of a strong tourist presence in Thailand, there remain areas that are protected national parks. The prevalence of these national parks, as well as their stunning beauty, has started a strong trend of hiking in the country.

Hiking trails, which can be taken without a guide (although they are usually recommended) are available in all corners of Thailand’s area from the northern mysteries of Mae Hong Son to the southern unknowns of Thaplan National Park, there’s exploration enough for everyone.

5. Watersports

With so many great beaches around Thailand, it isn’t a surprise that watersports has become an incredibly popular pastime, both for tourists on holiday and locals living in the country. We’ve left this activity pretty vague, because it is hard to see what people enjoy the most, and what they come to do.

There is an absolutely overwhelming number of choices on most beaches in Thailand, from waterskiing to banana boat rides, jetskiing and even parasailing. Whatever it is, you’ll be sure to find it on one of the country’s beautiful beaches. Just be sure to use reputable companies, and make sure someone is recording your little moment of water fame. Even if you fail, you’ll be providing entertainment to everyone on the beach!

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